Game Marshall (juliecsokas) wrote in fdostoevsky,
Game Marshall

Dostoevsky Collection

Hello All! I am new to this community, but rest assured, am a GREAT appreciator of all things Dostoevsky. Truly, he is the greatest author of all time (although I am very, very fond of War and Peace).

But to the point!

Last year I stumbled upon perhaps the greatest find ever. In a library in New Zealand I found two giant volumes of articles written by The Man himself. If I recall properly, he had some sort of journal or regular publication and these were the collected works.

I sorely regret being unable to finish reading even the first volume during my stay, and I have been unable to find them since. Does anybody know what these are called and more importantly where I can find them? I tell you, they were Fyodor GOLD.
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My word, I think that's it! Thank you!!!
You're welcome :) Enjoy, I love those too.
Hi - which library was that, the Turnbull? Have never laid eyes on those ones...
Hi! It was one of the Auckland University branches on I think the sixth floor, the library across from the student union...

Cheers... well, I'm down in Dunedin so... !!!

I've been proofing an online edition of House Of The Dead... most of D's books are on the site but not the journalism as yet... i think... maybe if someone out there has an old copy they'd want to scan up and submit...?
Cool! What does proofing entail? Is that proofreading what's uploaded online?
Yeah it's the Gutenberg Project; old editions (pre-1923) are scanned and 'read' by a program designed to recognise words, paragraphs etc... then the proofing work involves taking out the errors that the program inevitably inserts into the text... anyone can sign up and do it. I've done bits of lots of different things, but i got stuck on House Of the Dead and just kept going and going. Quite an odd way to have an un-put-downable experience with a book... fix, read, marvel, read, fix, gasp, scroll...