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Brothers Karamazov

Brothers Karamazov was a very difficult book for me.There were all these dostoyevsky's art characteristics which i love but the story was interrupted all the time by meaningless stories.He did that in a lot of books but his time was too much i think.Yes there were some stories where you understand that dostoyevsky wanted to speak about important situations but it was actually boring most of the times.The book i bought was divided in two volumes.I liked more the second volume where they arrest Dimitri and they interoggate him.I really like this part because it shows Dimitri's psycology.My favourite Karamazov is Ivan.I loved him.He is so cool(the ideal guy).Unlike Aliosa.I didn't like him because he was too kind.I don't like kind characters and i was a bit shocked that dostoyevsky himself have said that Aliosa is his favourite hero.I liked the end and i was very satisfied.
I have read another Dostoyevsky's books but it's been a long time so i don't remember much.My favourite is "The Dead House" then goes "Crime and Punishment",which i read when i was thirteen, then it's the "Teenager".The only book i hate is Stepanchikovo village(i'm not sure if this is the title).
So the next one will be "White Nights".

*sorry if my english are bad
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aww. I loved Stepanchikovo! why did you hate it?
well i didn't hate it actually.I was just very dissapointed with the turning of the story.I liked the characters but i didn't like the situations of this book.I think they weren't fresh, but just a bad and messy copy from his other works.Actually i heard that Stepanchikovo is one of the books he wrote in a short term when he didn't have money.That's why i can't find anything original to this book.
I'd recommend you to read The Idiot next! White Nights are wonderful, but personally I love Fyodor's longer works more, and I think you might like The Idiot more than Brothers Karamazov (Well, at least I do ^^)
i love his longer works more too because more Dostoyevsky better Dostoyevsky.This is what i believe.I haven't read The Idiot yet but i plan to do it.Thanks for recommending this and i hope this is better than Karamazov.
You've nailed it!!! It seems paradoxical that Dostoevsky's favorite hero is Alyosha. (If you do read "the Idiot," you will see the similarity between Alyosha and Prince Myshkin). Dostoevsky preaches love, but takes a long time to describe evil. People say that his evil or demonic characters, like Ivan, Stavrogin, and Raskolnikov are much more convincing than his godly characters like Alyosha, Zosima, Prince Myshkin, etc.

Ivan seems cool. He is self-reliant, intelligent and cares about children. But if you examine carefully where his intellectual arguments lead him, you will see that he is very much mistaken. He is the bad influence on Smerdyakov and Kolya Krasotkin. At the end of the novel Smerdyakov rightfully points out that Ivan is also responsible for the murder he had committed. Ivan identifies himself with the Grand Inquisitor, who wants to be a tyrant - how else do we call people who take away other people's freedom under the pretext of feeding or protecting them. Ivan agrees with the Grand Inquisitor that human (children's) suffering justifies tyranny. However, it is against preaching of Christ!!! Christ in the Legend of the Grand Inquisitor, father Zosima and Alyosha act according to the precepts of love. Ivan does not believe in repentance and forgiveness - see the conversation the power of the Church and Civic courts in book 1 (when the Karamazovs are waiting for Zosima to settle the dispute between Mytia and Feodor). All these details and stories in "Brothers Karamazov" that are not directly connected to the main action are very important! They mirror the main story, they characterize the brothers, and they signal to the reader what is good and what is bad. Look at Alyosha's interaction with Ilyusha who bites Alyosha's finger. Even without understanding Ilyusha's motives, Alyosha does not respond with violence. Instead, he responds with love. By the end of the novel, Alyosha is loved and respected by the boys. He becomes their leader and he preaches love in his speech at the stone. Ivan, on the other hand converses with the devil and suffers a mental breakdown. Alyosha is supposed to be The Hero. However, for many readers, he is not the most convincing one :(